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Thursday, October 31, 2013

DELL Latitude E5440 Windows 8 64bit Drivers

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Download DELL Latitude E5440 Notebook Windows 8 64bit Drivers , Utility, Update

Application (2)
Dell Foundation Services 8/31/2015, A00 Download
Dell Digital Delivery Application 7/30/2014 2.9, A09 Download

Audio (1)
Realtek ALC32xx HD Audio Codec Driver 8/4/2015, A11 Download

BIOS (1)
Dell Latitude E5440 System BIOS 6/1/2015 A12 Download

Chipset (7)
ST Microelectronics Free Fall Data Protection 5/6/2015 4.10.55, A00 Download
Intel 8 Series Chipset Device Software Driver 8/1/2014, A03 Download
Intel(R) Smart Connect Technology Application 7/7/2014, A04 Download
O2 Micro OZ777xxx/OZ621XX Memory Card Reader Driver 7/2/2014, A04 Download
Intel(R) Management Engine Components Installer Driver 3/3/2014, A02 Download
Intel(R) Rapid Start Technology Application 2/24/2014, A02 Download
Intel(R) Smart Connect Technology Driver 10/28/2013, A01 Download

Modem/Communications (2)
Dell Wireless 5808e LTE Mobile Broadband Driver and GNSS (GPS) Driver 6/2/2015 6.11.4262.509, A05 Download
Dell Wireless 5570 WWAN Mobile Broadband and GNSS (GPS) Driver 11/19/2014 6.5.4213.509, A06 Download

Mouse, Keyboard & Input Devices (2)
Dell Multi-Touch Touchpad Driver 4/9/2015 8.1206.101.118, A08 Download
Dell Unifying Application 10/28/2013 1.0.44, A00-00 Download

Network (10)
Intel Device Manager Diagnostics (DMIX) Utility (Diagnostics Utility) 5/18/2015 19.5.300.2, A11
Intel I2xx/825xx 10/100/1000 Ethernet Network Drivers 5/18/2015, A11 Download
Intel 7260 Bluetooth Application 6/3/2014 17.0.1403.442, A03 Download
Dell Wireless 1601 WiGig Application 5/19/2014, A09 Download
Intel 7260 WiFi Driver 4/3/2014, A06 Download
Dell Wireless 1601 Miracast Utility (Utility) 12/19/2013, A02 Download
Dell Wireless 1601 WiFi + Bluetooth Driver 12/19/2013, A03 Download
Dell Wireless 1506 WiFi Driver 12/11/2013, A02 Download
Dell Airplane Mode Switch Driver 10/28/2013, A00 Download
Intel 7260 WiDi Utility (Utility) 10/28/2013, A01 Download

Security (1)
Validity FingerPrint Reader 495 Driver 10/28/2013, A01 Download

Serial ATA (8)
Intel Rapid Storage Technology Driver and Management Console 7/13/2014, A11
Intel Rapid Storage Technology F6 Driver 7/13/2014, A11 Download
LiteOn IT LCS-256M6S Solid State Drive Firmware Update (Firmware) 11/19/2013 DC8110E, A04 Download
LiteOn IT LCS-128M6S Solid State Drive Firmware Update (Firmware) 11/18/2013 DC7110E, A04 Download
LiteOn IT Solid State Drive Firmware Update (Firmware) 11/18/2013 DCL110B, A01 Download
LiteOnIT Solid State Drive Firmware Update (Firmware) 5/20/2015 HC7110D, A02 Download
LITEONIT Solid State Drive Firmware Update (Firmware) 5/20/2015 HC8110D, A02 Download
SK Hynix Solid State Drive Firmware Update (Firmware) 8/1/2014 1010BL00, A02 Download

Storage Controller (1)
O2Micro OZ77CR6 Smartcard Driver 10/28/2013, A01 Download

System Utilities (1)
Dell Command | Power Manager 7/29/2015 2.1.0, A00 Download

Video (3)
nVIDIA Graphics Driver for: Quadro 1/2/3/4000, Quadro 5010M, Quadro K1/2/3/4/5000M, Quadro K11/21/31/41/5100M, NVS 4/5200M, and GeForce GT 720M 4/8/2014, A07 Download
Intel HD, HD 4000/4200/4400/4600/5000/5100/5200/5300/5500 Graphics Driver. 6/8/2015, A16 Download
Synaptics VMM2320 MST HUB Firmware Update (Firmware) 10/22/2014 A05 Download 


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